March celebrations and the springtime reading slump. 


We read 68 books in March!

Each link of that light blue paper chain represents a choice book read in March!

This is the time of the year that traditionally carries the lowest “read” numbers. It can be discouraging after so much progress. 

Most have read 5-7 books so far this year, and have exhausted the next lists they keep in their journals.  They’re lost on what to read next, and it makes them lazy. 

So we book pass. I book talk. I pull piles of books for individual students. I buy new classroom library books to keep our shelves interesting.  

I have to push books harder to at this time of year than I did back in September. 

It’s hard work. And although it’s one of our lowest totals, we still read 68 choice books last month and have read 561 choice books so far this year. 

That’s nothing to be disappointed about. It’s something to be proud of. 


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