Genre Study: Our (first) final numbers.

Today was the due date for my students’ summative assessment and the end date of our genre study.  I detailed some preliminary numbers on the reading “due date,” and things have just gotten better.

First things first:
In order to judge whether or not my students read more in this workshop model than with a whole-class novel, I had to measure my data against something.

I taught this same group of students To Kill a Mockingbird as a whole-class novel two years ago, when they were freshmen, so I decided to (anonymously) poll them on how much of that book they actually, really, truly read.

I wasn’t surprised by the numbers below, but I was surprised that most of the students who admitted to fake-reading the book are currently in my Honors class.

tkam numbers

Isn’t this a bizarre looking pie chart?

At the end of our genre study:
When polling my students on their summative due date, 87% percent of them had read the entire novel.  by summative due date

That 1-24% is really getting me down, but it shouldn’t:  I had a few students who just refused to read and refused choose a different book.  They spent every period peacefully protesting our reading workshop…but they still read their choice book every single day.

Some in the 50-99% range admitted that they used SparkNotes over the weekend instead of *just finishing the book*.   That’s also disappointing.


What worked for my students?
When polling my students on what worked and what didn’t, they indicated what helped them the MOST in reading and finishing their novel.

what helped

Having time to read during class and a choice of texts was the most helpful to my students. It was surprising to me that having a reading schedule followed closely behind.

When asked what didn’t work, they said they wanted more time.
I agree.

hunterI won’t run another genre study for another few months, but as I prep for next time, I know that I need to add another week onto this unit.

I’m also planning to schedule small groups ahead of time on the reading schedule, because we often ran out of time for specific groups to chat.

My students want me to throw out the discussion points (because they hate doing them), but I’m keeping those to guide our small group discussions.  Because I’m the boss.


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