Genre study: The due date.

I’m sitting on some pretty staggering data this afternoon.

After three weeks of running a reading workshop, my students were scheduled to be finished with their assigned novels by today.

I polled them during class (and those who claimed to be done had to prove it), and this is where my students were in their novels:


I am absolutely flabbergasted.  I knew that things were coming together, but I did not expect data like this.

I feel like a champion.

What about the students who haven’t finished yet?
While the students who met the deadline work on their performance assessments next week, the students who weren’t finished with their assigned novels will read until they finish.

taryn almost done

As if I’m going to tell this student, who is almost done with The Catcher in the Rye, “Sorry, you missed your due date. Too bad. You need to stop reading now.”

(Because as annoying as it can be that they’re still not done, they’re STILL READING and our goal is for reading competency and success, remember?)

When they finish, they’ll show me their discussion points and sit with me to recover discussion credit.  After we talk, I’ll give them their performance assessment.

If they haven’t shown me their discussion points by the assessment due date, they’ll receive an alternative assessment during class to tell me what they know at that moment in time, with an opportunity to revise if necessary.

I’m so pumped up.


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